Free Biology Teaching Resources

I know the value of a good resource, especially if you are not a subject specialist and hopefully there will be something here to help you even if it just saves you a bit of time!

About Me!

I am a biology specialist teacher who now makes resources as Head of Biology for Primrose Kitten.

I got into teaching while I was still finishing my PhD in 2017 and will always consider myself a scientist first!

I have worked hard over the last two years fully resourcing the KS4 and 5 AQA Biology curriculum for my school.

This started as a lockdow project inspired after being helped by the other amazing resource sharers out there!

I help to run the Chat Biology group on twitter where we have created a community of biology teachers who share resources, tricks and tips!

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I do love tea…

The resources on here will always be free but if you would like to contribute to my tea/pastry treat on my morning commute I would be very happy!

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